Atlanta, Georgia

While lots of other cities in the South homogenized as they modernized, Atlanta remains true to its roots with its authentic down-home accent and its happiness. Its fast emergence as a regional capital and as a world city it plays home to Coca-Cola and CNN among other’s attract residents that are diverse and accomplished. Despite all the transplants, Atlanta keeps foot firmly grounded historically in the past even while it invents the future: it played an important role in both the Civil War and the civil rights movement. The drive to forge ahead while recalling and respecting the past paints the city’s offerings for visitors. Travel through Atlanta is great for everyone: couples, professionals, families, etc. It’s relatives friendly attractions that are pure fun like the World of Coca-Cola or others, such as the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and the Georgia Aquarium, inspire and educate. It’s a growing culinary scene and the shopping and nightlife that go with its cosmopolitan status. On first glance, Atlanta is a typical large, bustling American city, but under all the layers the area is progressive and cultured. Atlanta travel will show to be educational, entertaining and even a bit unexpected. On your Atlanta holiday, be prepared: you will have fun while learning.

Best Time To Travel

Peak Season

June- August

It will appear that most visitors will visit here in the summertime months, the heat & humidity sometimes will detour travelers. Hotels deals are often in lesser supply in the summertime, on weekends. Dressing fittingly for summer can be tricky; temps can soar in to the 90s by early afternoon, making waiting in packed lines for popular sights a task to itself. One time inside, you’ll then find them mostly air conditioned to near-polar frostiness. Late afternoon thundershowers can be commonplace in Atlanta. Get some deals for your pet at DoggieToys.Deals today’s combo toy deals

Off Season

November – March

Aside from the holidays that bring in hordes of shoppers from across the South, fewer visitors are in Atlanta in the coursework of winter than in any other season and lots of hotels offer deep discounts and savings. Lines at popular attractions, in the event that they exist, are shorter. While Atlanta weather is seldom brutal (average winter highs run in the 50s and 60s, average lows in the 30s and 40s), temperatures do occasionally dip in to single digits; and while not exactly common, significant snowfall is not unheard of, nor are ice storms, which can temporarily cripple the city.

Shoulder Season

April – May; September – October

Spring and fall provide by far the most pleasant Atlanta weather. In spring you’ll find flowers in full and vibrant bloom, and in fall you’ll witness the changing colors across all the luxurious greenery. Rain can swing through, but for the most part you’ll love the sunny and comfortable days.

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